Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oupa before restoration started

Oupa is in a really sad state. There is a lot of rust and dents and the whole interior needs to be refurbished. It is going to be a huge restoration project.

The roof lining is torn which is a pity because it was made of a cloth material which I am sure will be hard to come by:

The seats saw a fair amount of traffic:

Rust everywhere:

A 1960 Beetle Called Oupa

My name is Hendrik Coetzee and I stay in South Africa. I have always loved Beetles. My very first car was a 1971 VW Beetle which I later sold to my regret. I currently own a 1974 VW Beetle, a 1970 Bay Window Westfalia Bus and a 1960 Beetle called Oupa.

I heard through a Beetle club that Oupa was for sale at a bargain price and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Considering the age of the car, it was in a fair running condition when I bought it. The previous owner was more into American muscle cars and he really neglected the old bug. I always tell people that I "saved" the car from its previous owner.

We decided to call the bug Oupa (Grandpa) because of its age. I drove it for a while and we drove it to a couple of car shows before I decided to start a restoration project on it.

This blog is dedicated to the restoration process and I will post regular updates on progress.