Sunday, 22 November 2015


I have fitted new runner boards on Oupa. They were made in Mexico but the quality is not very good.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


I get a feeling that the tyres on Oupa are as old as the car itself. There are visible cracks in the treads and one of the tyres deflated without any visible cause.

So I bought Oupa a new set of boots, all shiny and new.

Out with the old

On with the new

Monday, 2 November 2015

Bowden Sag

Oupa had major clutch shudder when pulling away. According to the experts the flexible tube where the clutch cable runs through is supposed to have a "sag" or "bend" of just the right angle which will prevent the shuddder. For those who are interested, the whole scientific explanation regarding how this work can be found on the following website:

I removed the rear tire and inspected the tube and found that it was totally straight with not even the slightest sag to be detected. So back to our local car guru, Werner Alker to set the "bowden sag" just right.

At Werner's place he fitted some spacers to create the sag in the tube but there was still a problem adjusting the clutch. Werner then discovered that the gearbox mounting was broken. The shudder was so bad that it must have broken the mounting which now needed to be replaced.

I made an appointment with Werner and two weeks later I arrived at his place and he started on replacing the mounting. It is a huge job because the engine needs to be removed, the gearbox, drive shafts and shocks loosened and then the gearbox needs to shifted back so that there is enough space to remove and replace the mounting. After that the whole process needs to be done but only in reverse.

Gearbox mounting

After everything has been loosened

Broken gearbox mounting

Oupa is running again and the gearbox selection is as smooth as it can be on a 1960 model Beetle. Now I can focus on the replacing the rear interior panels.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I have fitted some items back in the car. To find the right screws for the sun visor was quite a challenge.

I still need to reupholster the interior but due to cash-flow problems I had to refit the original ones. The seats are all worn out.

The boards of the side panels are torn. I will be using the originals as templates to cut out new boards and cover them with the old covers.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Thursday, 26 March 2015


I loaded Oupa on a car trailer and took him to someone in our club to install the windows with the trimmings. Apparently it is somewhat of a "craft" to fit the trimmings and I think it is also the reason why a lot of Beetles have window rubbers without trimmings. I will rather not say what I was quoted previously to have this done, which is why it took me so long to finally have the trimmings fitted. Upon my arrival I was told that the balck roof lining I had installed was not done properly and had to be replaced before the windows could be fitted. There was no other option and I gave the go-ahead. This time I settled for a white roof lining instead of the initial black. I must say the final product is awesome.

Now the windows can be fitted and we can start with the interior.

I hope Oupa appreciate all the trouble I am going through...

Monday, 23 February 2015

Oupa's Ticker (final)

I bought a gasket set to replace all the old gaskets on the engine. I took the engine to the VW Aircooled "guru", Werner Alker, to replace the gaskets and assemble the engine. As mentioned in an earlier post, a pressure washer was used to remove most of the dirt and grime. The problem is that we didn't properly block off all the places where the water could go into the engine before we started cleaning the engine. As a result we could see the years worth of rust on the sleeves. When we removed the push rods we saw that they were eaten away by the cam. This meant only one thing, the engine needs to be opened so that we can look at the cam. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse we noticed a crack on one of the sleeves. Luckily we had a replacement sleeve.

At first Werner thought I would need a new set of pistons and sleeves but after he started working on them he mentioned that it might not be necessary after all. He cleaned all the pistons and sleeves and then he honed the sleeves. Werner then opened the engine and as was feared, the lobes on the cam was worn off.

Except for the sludge in the engine caused by the water everything else looked fine. Werner said that this was the first time in his life where something that looked like a lost cause when he started on it, turned out to be a success.

I left the engine with Werner and he called me a day later to say that he has finished assembling the engine. I took all the tin pieces, generator, replacement exhaust etc. to him so that it can be fitted.

Fast forward a week later. Today 23 February 2015. Oupa's engine is finished and to crown it all off...Werner started it for me. I took a video of the event, the master has done it again. I am overjoyed ....

Monday, 16 February 2015

Oupa Returns Home

At this stage I want to explain that we moved to Pretoria and that a year has since passed. Fast forward a year +. Oupa returns home.

We loaded Oupa on a trailer to take him home. He was all bright eyed and shiny  when we picked him up.

Check out the view in the rear view mirror (I still couldn't believe he is coming home...)

 When we arrived home, we had a bottle of "bubbly" to celebrate the occasion.

Oupa's Ticker (Part 2):

Once all the tin were stripped off, we tried to remove most of the dirt and grime using a pressure washer.

I started sanding down all the metal bits and sprayed them with heat resistant spray.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Oupa's Ticker

Oupa's ticker is a 30HP engine. It was sitting in my garage while Joggie was busy with the body restoration.

The engine covers and fan housing were stripped down. I wanted to sand them down and spray them with heat resistant spray.