Monday, 2 November 2015

Bowden Sag

Oupa had major clutch shudder when pulling away. According to the experts the flexible tube where the clutch cable runs through is supposed to have a "sag" or "bend" of just the right angle which will prevent the shuddder. For those who are interested, the whole scientific explanation regarding how this work can be found on the following website:

I removed the rear tire and inspected the tube and found that it was totally straight with not even the slightest sag to be detected. So back to our local car guru, Werner Alker to set the "bowden sag" just right.

At Werner's place he fitted some spacers to create the sag in the tube but there was still a problem adjusting the clutch. Werner then discovered that the gearbox mounting was broken. The shudder was so bad that it must have broken the mounting which now needed to be replaced.

I made an appointment with Werner and two weeks later I arrived at his place and he started on replacing the mounting. It is a huge job because the engine needs to be removed, the gearbox, drive shafts and shocks loosened and then the gearbox needs to shifted back so that there is enough space to remove and replace the mounting. After that the whole process needs to be done but only in reverse.

Gearbox mounting

After everything has been loosened

Broken gearbox mounting

Oupa is running again and the gearbox selection is as smooth as it can be on a 1960 model Beetle. Now I can focus on the replacing the rear interior panels.